Top Ten Facts About Me

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. You can find a new list of Top Ten things on their blog every at midnight on Tuesday.


This weeks topic is facts about you. I was excited to write this post because I’m sure most of you have idea who I am. Some of these facts are bookish and others are just random things about me. I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to get to know me. Feel free to comment on this post with a cool fact about yourself. I like to get to know my readers!

Ten Facts About Harlee:

  1. Dancing is my passion. I’ve been dancing since I was three years old. I’ve been taking classes ever since. I just came full circle and I’m now teaching classes at the first studio I went to.
  2. I am a huge concert fan. I could go to a concert every day of my life and never get tired of it. There is something about live music. It makes me feel alive. I love it.
  3. I still live in my childhood home with my mom. If you need me, I’ll probably be hiding away in my bedroom. It’s my favorite place to be.
  4. I’m a borderline germophobe. I like things to be clean. I wash my hands about 10 times a day.
  5. I have an older sister. Her and I are fifteen years apart.
  6. I once danced on national television. When I was on my high schools dance team, we got the chance to perform for half time at a Sugar Bowl football game.
  7. I’m working on my first novel. It is a YA fantasy, with elements of time travel set in New Orleans. I’m about 1/4 done with it. My goal is to finish it by December.
  8. I’ve been thinking about starting a BookTube channel. Just, the idea kinda scares me.
  9. Even though I’ve grown up, if Nick Jonas showed up at my house asking me to marry him, I would say yes in a heartbeat.  I wouldn’t even hesitate.
  10. New York City is my favorite place in the world. I want to live there in the future. It is so different that Louisiana. The vibe of the city made me feel at peace and I felt more like myself there. I just stayed a week there in 2012 but I still think about it every day.

There ya go. Hope you enjoyed those ten facts about ya girl. Leave a comment if you can relate to some of these.


Bye ya’ll. Until next time.

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I’m Back On WordPress



I wanted to post this today instead of a review to let you all know what is going on. A few days ago, I purchased a self hosted site for I had so many plans and goals with the website. I was going to have new content, post more frequently, and I even had the idea to start making bookmarks to sell. I had big ideas and I was hoping that buying a domain was the first step.

Everything was not how I expected it to be. I stayed on the phone with customer service for hours one day while having trouble with my account, I had some money issues going into it, and I just didn’t seem so confident anymore. I hadn’t had for very long so my traffic was just my mother and sister. But the truth was, I liked my old blog. I like my space here at WordPress.

So here we are. I am back on this blog for good. I have made up my mind and decided to stick with WordPress. It kept me awake at night trying to decide if I wanted to cancel everything and go back to what I was used to having. I guess the time wasn’t right for self-hosting at the moment. Everything will work out like it should eventually and I feel like I rushed the process.

From now on, I will be back here at WordPress with everything that I promised myself at I will have more reviews, weekly memes, personal post, and maybe a few free downloads. Who knows where this will go. I feel, deep down, that I made the right choice in coming back to this blog. I apologize for the confusion and I promise, it will not happen again.

Welcome back! (I hope you never left) And welcome to HarleeReads 2.0.

Welcome to HarleeReads!

Hello! And welcome to my blog! This is a really exciting time for me. I’ve been debating on starting this for months now and I feel like the time is right. I’d like to start off explaining a little about myself first.

My name is Harlee. I’m from a very small town in south Louisiana. I’m a college student at a little community college with plans of transferring to a big time University once I get my associates degree.

I was never a big reader. In elementary, reading wasn’t something that I enjoyed too much. I went to a private school that had a great school library but I was not interested in reading. When I switched to public school, the Accelerator Reader program was introduced to me and I hated it. I didn’t like be forced to read, especially when it was a book I thought was boring. It’s funny because I look back on it now and on my permanent record, it says that I “refused to meet my AR goals.” (Considering how much I read now, it’s hilarious.)

High school is where I started picking up books more frequently. My senior year was when it started. We weren’t forced to read for a grade but had ten minutes every day set just for reading. I remember hating it at first. But as the year went on, I found myself picking up my books at home. I read The Hunger Games around the same time as a couple of my friends did. It was nice to have people to talk about books with.

After graduating in 2012 and starting college, I started reading even more. I remember reading the Divergent series within two weeks. One book led to another and soon I was reading every day.

Flash-forward to now, where I am sitting here at my desk with a stack of books on my TBR list and my first sixteen chapters of the book I’m writing. I started following a lot of booktubers and book review Instagram’s that got me thinking. I want to read books, talk about them with others, and share my opinions with the world. If they can do it, so can I. And voilà, this blog was born.

I just want to share my thoughts on a book. Sometimes, when you have no one to talk to about the feels you’re feeling after reading a book, you need to just write about it. This is that space for me. Instead of keeping it bottled up and crying about characters at 3AM (which I will probably still do tbh), I can talk to you guys. We can talk out our feeling in this mini therapy session because, be honest, with Young Adult books, we need it any time of day.

My plan for this blog is to update at least twice a week. There will be specific days where book reviews will be posted and then a special day were I can just geek out about certain topics. I’d also like to document my book writing process. I decided to start a book this summer and the progress has surprised me. I’ve always had stories bouncing around in my head and I’m so proud that I can translate them to paper and let my character live on.

I will be very involved on social media to talk to you guys about all sorts of magical things. Fictional boyfriends, heroin badasses, OTPs… you name it, we can talk about it. I will even be up for suggested book reviews. I want this to be a place where YA literary fan can come together and talk it out.

So I hope you all stick with me on this. It will take some time getting used to and may take a few weeks before I get into the swing of things, but don’t give up on me. I promise this adventure will be fun.


I can be found on Tumblr, Goodreads, and Twitter. Feel free to follow me on social media! (These are my personal accounts but until I make a HarleeReads page, you can follow me on those.)


Until next time.