Ramblings and Life Update 4/7/17

Ramblings and Life Update

Long time no see, y’all. I think it’s been a very long since I last posted a blog post or uploaded a photo on Instagram. I felt the need to give you guys an update on what has been going on in the world of Harlee.

So, first thing’s first. I have been in the world’s worst slump. Not just with blogging, but in a lot of other aspects of my life. I had so many plans for 2017 and I was excited to start this new year off but things haven’t been going according to plan. I guess life does that. It throws curveballs at you when you aren’t ready for them. I’ve had a lot of personal family things happen at the end of 2016 that drained me mentally and physically. I think it just carried over to 2017 and I’m still feeling the effects of it.

I have not read a single book this year yet. (Since writing this, I have read two books!) I’m pushing aside things that I love to do and that upsets me. I’ve picked up more shifts at work that has me coming home late and by the time I get home, I don’t want to do nothing except throw myself in bed and binge watch tv. All I do is sleep late, eat, work, and sleep again. It’s not a lifestyle I would recommend to anyone. Ha.

I’ve noticed there isn’t any real meaning to this post other than to update my followers…all 131 of you. I still can’t get over that I have over 100 followers. When I started this blog around this time last year, I never expected it to become something like this. With that being said, I refuse to let HarleeReads die.

Starting this month, I am getting my act together and committing more time to this blog. I will pick up the book I’ve been trying to finish since December and I will finish it. I will have more content for you guys. It will be hectic and most likely once a week, but posting once is better than not at all.

All I ask is that if you are reading this, don’t give up on me. Give me one more chance.

I’m ending this post with a daily quote that I read earlier that is helping me stay positive. I want to start adding a bit of a daily devotion to my posts. Either it be a Bible verses, a little prayer or mantra, a book quote I love, or just positive affirmation. I think it would be just a fun little tidbit to add to my blog.


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